About this site

This site is an online archive of the work of Wulf Zendik (1920-1999). It is NOT connected in any way to Zendik Farm, the community he co-founded in the late 1960’s with his wife Arol Wulf. As a place to read and discuss Wulf Zendik’s work, this is also NOT a place to grind axes about our experiences at Zendik Farm.

Wulf Zendik was a poet, novelist, and a social, political and spiritual philosopher. His early work centered on anti-war and environmental themes, with poetic writing and the metaphysical outlook coloring his political essays. With the birth of his daughter Fawn in 1976, he published “The Reality is This…”, a manifesto for an environmentalist’s revolution.

Wulf identified and criticized the power of money in politics and society more than a generation before the “Occupy” movement, and advocated the abolition of money. Later, he explored the isolation of the individual in modern society and how it conflicts with our biological design to live in tribal groups. Zendik Farm was an effort to put his philosophies into practice while maintaining an independence from the “Death Culture”.

This site was established by former long-time members of Zendik Farm who maintain a deep respect for Wulf’s writings and ideals in spite of the conflicts that led to their departure from the farm. We know that Wulf wanted his work widely available, but we are distressed that in this age of worldwide instantaneous communication there is no online catalog of his poetry, prose, and essays. So this site is our effort to remedy that situation.

This collection is far from complete. The curators of this site are working in their spare time to add material. We have over a hundred essays to start with, and we are locating more in scattered locations on the global networks. In time, all will find a place on this site.